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Quality knows no borders.

Northwest Interpreters, Inc. (NWI) has established itself at the forefront of the language services industry. Based and established in the Pacific Northwest, NWI knows no boundaries, and has extended its reach across the United States and beyond.

We are a full service agency specializing in locating qualified interpreters and translators to serve a broad range of clients, including businesses, health care facilities, law offices, government agencies and educational organizations. We also provide a complete list of support services, including scheduling, billing, quality assurance and project management, all of which have made us the undisputed leader in our industry.

We specialize in five distinct multicultural communication services. These include:

With a worldwide network of over 2,000 professional linguists working in over 182 languages, we are uniquely qualified to respond to your every requirement. Moreover, we guarantee prompt, effective and accurate service for all your multicultural communication needs.

As the world becomes increasingly smaller and the demand for multicultural communications solutions ever greater, NWI will continue to lead the way by providing efficient, professional, and worry-free service in every aspect of our business.

We invite you to learn more about our commitment to quality, to our industry, and to our stakeholders by clicking the links below:

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